brasserie coron

brasserie coron

Restaurant serving 100% Hokkaido food and wines.

After debuted in 2012, the bakery shop boulangerie coron had its second outlet opened at Akarenga Terrace in 2014.
Throughout the years, we have been truly grateful to our fans for their love and appreciation of our original bread recipe – dough made from 100% Hokkaido wheat, put through long hours of fermentation and baked lovingly at low temperatures.

The philosophy of coron is to showcase Hokkaido goodies & to spread to the world.
Now, we start the brand new restaurant, brasserie coron, serving cuisines using ingredienst from Hokkaido together with Hokkaido goodies to our menu so diners can intensify their culinary experience with us.

Chef Tsukada, our chief chef, has vast knowledge of farming in Hokkaido and is very well connected with farmers from this region.
In our restaurant, you can enjoy different varieties of bread from boulangerie coron as well as a wide range of Hokkaido wines.



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