Enjoy the 100% Hokkaido cuisines

Bread from boulangerie coron

boulangerie coron uses 100% Hokkaido wheat. Chef Katsuei Shiga, who is also the owner chef of the famous bakery Signifiant Signifie in Tokyo, produces sophisticated bread that are suitable for pairing with champagnes or wines.

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Wine and dine in the Hokkaido Style!

Hokkaido is one of the pioneer birthplaces for wineries, which traces back to the Meiji era. Recently, Hokkaido wine has attracted considerable attention due to its suitable climate for grape cultivation and the advancement in wine production techniques.
brasserie coron serves a wide range of wines mainly from Hokkaido. Do try a few with your dishes which are prepared using fresh Hokkaido origin ingredients. We hope to have more people appreciate the greatness of the Hokkaido wine, and be the rare gem of a place for one to sip and appreciate a glass of Hokkaido wine.
Wine here is served all day; just like the French cuisine culture, we will recommend you with the suitable wine for the cuisines.


Our chief chef, Hiroyuki Tsukada, is very familiar with the Hokkaido farming scene.

He is a propagator of Hokkaido farming and food. As he is very well-versed in its agriculture, he is able to connect with both the producers and consumers on a large scale, spreading the word of Hokkaido farming far and wide. Chef Tsukada is a veteran when it comes to the Hokkaido food scene; he participates as a coordinator in various food events throughout the region, makes appearances in films about cuisines and presents on Hokkaido delicacies at numerous international food conferences. He is our chief chef and whips up cuisines that surpass the standards of both brasserie coron and Hokkaido.



In 1978 Chef Tsukada was born in Sapporo.
When he was 25 years old, impressed with a tasty cheese made by farmers, then he move to Europe.
While staying at farmers of the goat cheese in France he wake up to the charm of the producers and local cuisine.
After returning to Japan, from the experience he started sticking to the food materials and exchange with producers in Hokkaido.
From 2009, he started working as the first chef of Bar BARCOM Sapporo. He has been seeking Hokkaido foods and joining the several events which was Sapporo Tapas and Sapporo Autumn Festival.
He’s been trying to introduce Hokkaido foods to outside of Hokkaido and overseas. He’s done the presentation at “Salone del Gusto& Terral Madre”(2010/14/Dec in Trino, Italy), “AsiO Gusto”(2013 in Korea) and “Slow Food Asia Pacific Festival Korea”(2015 in Korea).
He joined to the film “A drop of the grapevine“(2014) which is shooting in Sorachi, Hokkaido as foods coordinator.


SLOW FOOD international food convention “Salone del Gusto& Terral Madre” (2010/2012/2014 in Trino, Italy)
“AsiO Gusto” (2013 in Korea)
The World Cuisine Academic Meeting in Hakodate 5th (2015 in Hakodate, Japan)
"Slow Food Asia Pacific Festival Korea” (2015 in Korea).

Eco tourism special Award (2009 Ministry of the Environment)
AAO Meister (2014 AAO EZO deer cuisine Promotion Council)