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brasserie coron


Restaurant serving 100% Hokkaido food and wines.

After debuted in 2012, the bakery shop boulangerie coron had its second outlet opened at Akarenga Terrace in 2014. Throughout the years, we have been truly grateful to our fans for their love and appreciation of our original bread recipe – dough made from 100% Hokkaido wheat, put through long hours of fermentation and baked lovingly at low temperatures.

The philosophy of coron is to showcase Hokkaido goodies & to spread to the world. Now, we started the brand new restaurant, brasserie coron, serving cuisines using ingredienst from Hokkaido together with Hokkaido goodies to our menu so diners can intensify their culinary experience with us.

Chef Tsukada, our chief chef, has vast knowledge of farming in Hokkaido and is very well connected with farmers from this region. In our restaurant, you can enjoy different varieties of bread from boulangerie coron as well as a wide range of Hokkaido wines.


Enjoy the 100% Hokkaido cuisines

Bread from boulangerie coron

boulangerie coron uses 100% Hokkaido wheat. Chef Katsuei Shiga, who is also the owner chef of the famous bakery Signifiant Signifie in Tokyo, produces sophisticated bread that are suitable for pairing with champagnes or wines.

Regarding boulangerie coron, check here:

Wine and dine in the Hokkaido Style!

Hokkaido is one of the pioneer birthplaces for wineries, which traces back to the Meiji era. Recently, Hokkaido wine has attracted considerable attention due to its suitable climate for grape cultivation and the advancement in wine production techniques.
brasserie coron serves a wide range of wines mainly from Hokkaido. Do try a few with your dishes which are prepared using fresh Hokkaido origin ingredients. We hope to have more people appreciate the greatness of the Hokkaido wine, and be the rare gem of a place for one to sip and appreciate a glass of Hokkaido wine.
Wine here is served all day; just like the French cuisine culture, we will recommend you with the suitable wine for the cuisines.

brasserie coron with LE CREUSET

As Hokkaido’s food culture takes the world by storm, we are proud to unveil LE CREUSET as our partner at the long-established departmental store in in the region. LE CREUSET is a famous international kitchenware brand that continues to promote the traditional French method of food preparation. We believe that LE CREUSET’s apparel is functional yet exquisite in style and the associated French food culture with it would enhance the charm of Hokkaido food.


brasseriecoronwith LE CREUSET in Marui Imai Sapporo Main Store

brasserie coron with LE CREUSET in Marui Imai Sapporo Main Store

Marui Imai Sapporo Main Store 3F
west2 south1 chuo-ku sapporo-shi hokkaido JAPAN

■TEL 011-221-4141
■Business hours 10:30 ~ 19:30
■Regular holiday Irregular (Pursuant to the closed day of the department store)